We deliver more fun and excitement,
and smiles as you travel and get around all over the world.

Shobunsha was pleased to celebrate its 50th year in business in 2010.

Our business has been centered around publishing maps of all regions of Japan and travel guidebooks. And, based on the information we have gathered and compiled, we have also focused on providing a wide range of data and content, along with developing applications for the Internet, car navigation systems, and mobile websites. Consequently, we have achieved growth as an information service enterprise grounded in the travel and tourism industries.

Recent years have seen astonishing diversification of information devices. Today, highly sophisticated versatile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, assist short- and long-distance travelers alike. These devices serve as a “receptacle,” as it were, which contains information vital to the user. Our focus is on how to keep enhancing the quality of information inside the devices.

We always ask ourselves, “What information do our customers want when they travel or explore towns?”

We keep our antennas fully spread out, sharpening our curiosity and intellect, to continue producing fine-tuned maps and guidebooks, along with a wide spectrum of content and services.

We deliver more fun and excitement,
and smiles as you travel and get around across the world.

The Shobunsha Group will keep contributing to travel and tourism business as an information service enterprise that enlivens people the world over.