In any era,
Shobunsha Holdings, Inc. takes
on the challenging mission to pursue
innovation and to contribute to society.

Takes on the Challenging for the Mission of “Pursuit of Innovation” with Pride

Shobunsha Holdings, Inc. started out publishing books and magazines such as “Mapple,” “co-Trip,” and the long-selling Mountain Maps series to provide for the needs of travelers. In recent years, the information media have been evolving with information technology so we have been pushing forward into the development of websites, smartphone applications and electronic books. Now, we are making efforts to transform our business development in a way that helps bring relief, security and comfort for people who are newly adapting to using IoT technology as well.

The “MAPPLE Activity” service began in 2017 and with ther service we have come to support all 3 phases of travel:
“The Pre-Trip” guidebook purchases for making travel plans before a trip, “The Mid-Trip” reservation services available for domestic travel, international travel, and optional tours to help create deeply moving experiences while you are there and also “The Post-Trip” for sharing memories with family and friends via photobooks and social media after a trip.
And this sense of fulfillment becomes the day-to-day driving force that connects back to “The Pre-Trip”. We believe we are increasing our value to society as a business through the company’s total support services related to a series of experiences intending to enrich the health of both body and mind of everyone.

Furthermore, in the “OKAERI QR” campaign that went on sale in 2018, utilizing the latest IoT technology, we worked on an activity to support the healthy daily lifestyle of people by providing a service with the purpose of being an early detection for such things as lost items or lost people, lost child and lost pets.

We are now in the turbulent times when innovation happens every day and consumers needs constantly change as well, with the company motto “TO ALWAYS PURSUE INNOVAION”, we will always push forward into the realization of sustainable growth by our ingenuity and challenge.

Looking ahead to its 60th Year

In the year 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics, Shobunsha Inc will reach its 60th anniversary of establishment.

Now with the Osaka-Kansai World’s Exposition having been decided for the year 2025 (EXPO 2025, Osaka, Kansai, Japan), we look forward to the opportunity to contribute to this international event from various approaches such as area marketing, map production, and lost child support while technical demand increases.
Even while we are strengthening our communication with people around the world, similarly to our origins of serving peoples’ lifestyles with our role in maps, we are developing a global service to help people feel comfortable and at ease in their daily routine either when they travel a long distance or when to come visit Japan.

Furthermore, it goes without saying, that we will continue to the create publication products and media services. As for all customers and every one of you stakeholder, we promise to continue contributing to solving problems through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions and through our business. We are wrestling to realize our vision of a sustainable society that people can actively live in peace.



Genuine development of “The Mid-Trip” project

The reservation services such as “MAPPLE ACTIVITY,” etc. are used chiefly for managing the spending activities for both overseas travel and domestic travel.

This is the “The Mid-Trip” service prospect (Japanese Articles)


10th anniversary of “co-Trip”

Women who like to travel show overwhelming support for “co-Trip” and thanks to them, in 2018 it had reached its 10th year. Since it is beloved by all, we are now utilizing collaboration and licensing businesses with a “co-Trip” world outlook.

We want to also use the brands “MAPPLE” and “coTrip” etc. In other ways
(Japanese Articles)


Assisting with Area Appeal

We help with the activation of regional promotions, not to mention, the possibilities of cultivating the knowledge of various enterprises such as the production of original guidebooks and pamphlets specifically targeting foreign tourists, women and local emigrants.

Our desire is to attract sightseeing customers and regional vitalization
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Supporting Trips and Outings with Guidebooks

We produce full guidebooks with choice information about trips and outings provided by the professionals. We promise that this will provide an “added value” of more fun for those trips and outings.

List of Shobunsha Inc. publication products (Japanese Articles)


Digital map data that supports social infrastructure

Government offices and local municipalities have adopted our company’s map data. We have begun to help provide crime prevention, anti-disaster measures and so on to dispatch call centers for police and firefighters behind-the-scenes to help ensure peace of mind and security for everyone.

Utilizing map data, we want to update existing services. (Japanese Articles)


Finding support service “OKAERI QR”

In October 2018, with the cooperation of a real estate agency and other parties concerned, we started the positional information service “OKAERI QR,” an effective way to find lost people, lost articles, and lost pets, by utilizing IoT technology.
While expanding its sales channels, we are asking for the police, experts, companies, and other related parties to cooperate in this valuable service to provide more relief for families, especially ones with dementia patients.
“OKAERI QR” holds increased expectations that it serves as a valuable tool to help people locate their lost children and lost properties at a big event venue like large-scale international expo.

“OKAERI QR” is a find service to find lost children or people with dementia.
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