MAPPLE as a brand serves as our customers’ dependable partner as they head into town or take a trip.

We have summarized our hope, pride, and uniqueness as the MAPPLE identity that sets MAPPLE apart from any other brands.

MAPPLE’s Brand Identity

MAPPLE provides choice information that comes in handy whenever you head into town or take a trip.

Traveling and Exploring Towns

Sometimes you want to wander off from uninspiring everyday life into a place you have never visited before.

Long or short, such a trip brings you in touch with the beauty of nature that relaxes your body and soul, with culture and townscapes in a strange land that stimulate your intellectual sinews, and with heart-warming local foods and people. How you enjoy your travel is up to you, as is how you feel about your experience. We are here to help you plan a trip perfectly suited to you.

Choice Information

All our employees are travel lovers and town explorers. We collect information about hotels and inns with a pleasant atmosphere, restaurants that serve delectable foods, and knickknack shops tucked in alleys throughout Japan and the world. As professional travelers and town explorers, we keep the antennas of our curiosity fully spread out at all times, working our intellectual and adventurous mind at full throttle. In doing so, we deliver carefully selected information available only from MAPPLE that stimulates your wanderlust.

“Experiences that stay with you as precious memories”

A family trip, a drive with your sweetheart, and camping with your friends. These delightful experiences stay with you as happy memories. And you get to take such precious trips, including short outings that don’t qualify as travel, 10 times a year at most. We put our heart into helping you create happy memories out of every single experience you have during such precious trips.