The MAPPLE brand’s identity hinges on the idea that traveling and exploring towns are “experiences that create precious memories,” which add beauty to our lives. The brand logo with the slogan “Where do you wanna go tomorrow?” is our way of presenting the identity in a simple manner. With the logo and slogan, we aim to deepen our communication with our customers to bring MAPPLE close to them so that the brand helps make their travel even more enjoyable.

Brand Logo

We coined the word “MAPPLE” by combining “map” and “apple.”
Since we believe that maps must always be fresh and high-quality like apples should be, we have used an apple as our trademark for years. With a hope of attaining a wider reach of our inspiration while keeping the belief intact, we designed this logo that embraces a red apple and the blue Earth in 2008.

Brand Slogan

We condensed the MAPPLE brand’s identity to this one line: Where do you wanna go tomorrow?

Where shall we go tomorrow?