We are here to help people around the world to have experiences that will stay with them as happy memories.

How often do you take a trip a year? 20, or 30 times?

We are guessing that most of you would answer two or three times a year.

The MAPPLE Group helps you turn the invaluable opportunities into brilliant experiences that will stay with you as happy memories and add more beauty to your life. To do so, we will continue our advanced efforts directed to general consumers.

We focus especially on offering consumers across the world “tourist information apps” available in many languages on smartphones, which are the fast-growing new-generation platform worldwide and serve as a hub of the applications accessible from many different mobile devices. In doing so, we hope to help our customers plan freer, more enjoyable and comfortable trips than ever.

We are also on Facebook and Twitter to deliver the latest information to people the world over at all times.

Take your smartphone with you on your coming trips, and be sure that the phone is equipped with MAPPLE apps that make your travel more casual and stylish.

If this traveling style helps people across the world enjoy wonderful and unforgettable experiences, we couldn’t be more delighted.

We all marvel at the view of a stunning natural landscape or historical heritage created by humans; we savor fresh and delectable local foods; we revel in marine sports or winter sports at a resort. These extraordinary experiences entice people around the world.

Have a nice trip with MAPPLE!!