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MAPPLE: Number One & Only One Brand

Tourists across Japan have MAPPLE guidebooks in their hands as they get around, and MAPPLE maps sit in many cars. MAPPLE has established its status of being Japan's number one and only brand in the field of geographical information tailored to sightseeing.


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Our Overseas Services

MAPPLE Translation Data

"MAPPLE Translation Data" is a collection of text display data that show addresses, public offices, transportation facilities, leisure and commercial facilities, and establishments in Japan for visitors from overseas in English, along with map coordinates. About 500,000 data items are available.

ASP Map Delivery Service in 4 languages

We deliver reliable and time-tested MAPPLE maps in foreign languages to clients via the Web. They / These maps are available in English, Korean, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese.

Free paper in China

We have launched advertorials in free publications in China as our new effort in expanding overseas operations. The free magazines are available on high-speed trains and commercial aircraft in China. Our readership consists mainly of wealthy Chinese people.

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